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Lacassá Soup
Lacassá Soup
Lacassá Soup (1)
Lacassá Soup (2)
Lacassá Soup (3)
Lacassá Soup (4)

This soup is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve, which used to be a day of abstinence and fasting for the Catholics, because there is no meat used in its preparation. The soup, as well as its name, derives from Malacca. 

500g Medium size shrimps
50g Balichão (Shrimp paste)
1 Pack rice flour vermicelli
400g Onion chopped
1 Spring onion chopped
60ml Olive Oil
2 pcs bay leaf
Pepper & Salt q.b.

Wash and peel the shrimps, boil the shells in 5lts of water and season shrimps with salt and some pepper.
Drain broth when shells are boiled. Scald the vermicelli.
Stir the onion, bay leaves and “balichão” in olive oil and add shrimps, broth and finally the vermicelli in a gradual way, in order to maintain consistency of soup.
Boil for about half an hour, adjust the seasoning.
Remove the bay leaves and sprinkle the chopped spring onions before serving.

Updated on: 07/10/2013